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Since 1962

Since its inception in Australia in 1962, Zip has been producing instant boiling water systems for both domestic and commercial use. Now a multinational company, with the taps being sold in over 70 countries, Zip’s iconic red and white branding has become synonymous with instant boiling water.

A wholly owned subsidiary was formed in 1991 to handle UK distribution, with customer service offices established in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Norfolk.

Today, Zip’s wide range of products can be found in kitchens all over the UK, ensuring convenient boiled, chilled and sparkling water at any time of the day or night.



Designed around you

Our HydroTaps feature the very latest technology, meaning they do more than offer a convenient cup of tea or cold drink. The integrated new Zip 0.2-micron filtration system removes dirt and contaminants up to 25 times finer than previous models. Even the taste and odour of chlorine is removed, but fluoride is retained, so the whole family can enjoy crystal clear, great tasting water.



Iconic for timelessness

Since the development of the Zip HydroTap, its iconic robust design and function has stood testament to the Zip values of innovation and sustainability. Found in prestigious homes and apartments across the world, the HydroTap will become a unique statement for your home and kitchen and an essential tool for your busy lifestyle.

In the UK over EIGHT million cups of tea and coffee are made each day using Zip products.

New G4 HydroTap

Zip HydroTap G4

Boiling and chilled, filtered water, instantly.
Now with sparkling too.

Zip HydroTap at home

This Zip brochure introduces you to models giving boiling and chilled filtered water, sparkling too! Boiling and cold (ambient) filtered water, and yet more models giving boiling and chilled filtered water plus hot and cold water.

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Zip HydroTap at work

A comprehensive guide to models specified for kitchens and breakout areas in offices, clinics and schools plus new industrial models catering for demanding sites such as factories and correctional institutions.

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Low cost rental options available with installation and maintenance for peace of mind.


Boiling filtered water, instantly, for tea, coffee, soup and cooking. No more time wasted waiting for water to boil. Zip HydroTap makes it all so efficient!


Crystal-clear, great-tasting chilled filtered drinking water, always on tap. No money wasted on bottled water. No time off the job hunting for water.


Sparkling chilled filtered water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. So refreshing! Adds life to juices, cordials, spirits and wines.


For healthier drinking, Zip HydroTap now filters your water 25 times finer. It’s the world’s last word in water filtration.

Zip HydroTap “filter change light” flashes when a filter change is due. It can be set to measure both water volume and the number of days in service, signaling whichever occurs first.

Zip 0.2-micron filter cartridges are incorporated into the Zip HydroTap installation under the sink, or out of sight within the Zip HydroTap control cabinet installed beneath the tap.

Zip 0.2-micron filter cartridges are hygienically encased for fast and easy filter cartridge replacements. Cartridges are replaced every 12 months, or earlier if a high level of water usage makes it necessary.

New Zip 0.2-micron filters reduce chlorine taste and odour and filter out particles more than one fifth of a micron in size – that’s one five-thousandth (1/5000th) of a millimetre – twenty five times finer than commonly used 5.0 micron filters, designed to filter out both Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts and other impurities, for crystal-clear great-tasting water and healthier drinking. This is arguably the most advanced and most practical water filtration system available anywhere today, developed to meet our exacting specifications by the world leader in water filter technology.

Look for the NSF symbol on any water filter label. It is the only way you know for sure that your filter is tested and certified by the globally recognised NSF International organisation against the NSF/ANSI standards 42 and 53.


Beyond comparison for energy efficiency, Zip HydroTap also stamps out water wastage, leading the world in sustainable technology.

Advanced technology cuts power consumption.

Power-PulseTM electronic technology controls power phasing precisely, to minimise energy consumption and power costs.

Enjoy more precise temperature control.

Power-Pulse™ also regulates boiling water temperature more precisely than ever before, maintaining the set temperature within 0.2°C.

Automatically calculates boiling point.

Because boiling point varies by altitude, Zip HydroTap pinpoints boiling point during installation and sets its controls accordingly.

Boiling water temperature is adjustable.

During installation, boiling temperature can be varied from 99°C to 68°C if a lower temperature is preferred. Factory setting: 98°C.

Automatically sleeps when unused.

After two hours of non-use, Zip HydroTap either powers down to maintain boiling water at 64°C or hibernates – powers off completely.

Slow-flash light signals when in hibernation mode.

Touch the controls and the system awakens. Blue and red lights flash, then remain steady when boiling and chilled temperatures are okay.

Programmable 24/7 weekly timer.

Turns the power off during periods your kitchen is not in use - during weekdays, or overnight, or during periods you are away.

Free FlowTM bottle-filling feature.

The “Free Flow” feature now incorporated into all Zip HydroTap models allows you to fill bottle after bottle with filtered cold water even when the rated chilled water capacity is exceeded.

Cuts down water wastage, too.

Every drop of water is dispensed at the set temperature so there is no water wasted running a tap until the temperature is right.


Far safer to use than any kettle, Zip HydroTap puts you in total control of your kitchen safety.

A unique safety lock eliminates the risk of accidental discharge of boiling water. You need to press both the red lever and the “safety” button at the same time for access to boiling water.

Press the blue lever for chilled filtered water. The lever action tap gives you simple fingertip control for filling a glass, jug, carafe or bottle to just the right level without splashing or waste.

Choose a Zip HydroTap SPARKLING model and you can simply depress both levers for sparkling chilled filtered water, instantly. Great to drink on its own. Great with mixers.

Avoid steam exposure to your hands when filling pots with boiling water. Flick up the red lever, and boiling water runs ‘hands free’ continuously for any pre-set period of 5 to 15 seconds.

You can limit boiling water access whenever you wish. To make boiling water unavailable when your kitchen is unattended, it’s easy to turn the boiling water isolation feature on and off.

HydroTap Tea
HydroTap Tap
HydroTap Instant
HydroTap Cold

Zip InLine

Electronically controlled instantaneous water heaters. The most efficient to directly heat water electronically.

Zip InLine

Zip continue to lead the way in hot water technology with new additions to the InLine range of instantaneous water heaters. All newly introduced InLine products feature Bare Wire technology bringing all the benefits of control, comfort and efficiency, that have been enjoyed for many years on the continent, to users in the UK. Zip InLine ES, CEX, DEX and DBX ranges all benefit from the advantages of Bare Wire technology.

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Low cost rental options available with installation and maintenance for peace of mind.

Zip InLine

Why Zip instantaneous water heating?

Zip InLine instantaneous water heaters are the most energy efficient means of directly heating water electrically.

Using the very latest German technology, Zip InLine offers a host of specifier, installer and end user benefits.

  • Unrivalled energy efficiency – no standing heat loss.
  • Fast heat up times.
  • Sophisticated electronic control.
  • Unlimited hot water supply.
  • Neat, compact design.

Zip Hydroboil Plus

Introducing Zip Hydroboil Plus and Zip Econoboil instant boiling water heaters – they cut energy costs and have a host of safety features plus filtration giving crystal-clear boiling water for great-tasting tea and coffee.

Zip Hydroboil Plus

Saves time

No more time wasted waiting for water to boil – Zip gives boiling water instantly, at the touch of a tap.

Saves space

No cluttered worktops – Zip instant boiling water eliminates the need for kettles and exposed power leads.

Saves money

Costs little to run – thanks to energy-efficient design and electronic controls to minimise power consumption.

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Low cost rental options available with installation and maintenance for peace of mind.

Hydroboil Plus

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Blue Mountain Water


With low cost rental options available there is no better time to upgrade your standard drinking units to the premium Zip range.


One of our fully trained engineers will attend the site and install the machine and carry out operator training to your staff, to make sure you’re fully happy with your Zip Boiler.


Our new and enhanced maintenance reminder service provides you with regular updates on when we will be servicing your Zip Boilers so it’s one less thing you need to worry about.

Blue Mountain Water has been established since 1989 and is one of the UK’s leading water cooler companies. The company has built up a reputation for excellent customer service with a personal approach. All our water is sourced from The National Forest in Derbyshire to guarantee premium quality water. As an independent company, all our staff ensures a personal commitment to the level of service they provide to each customer. We are based centrally in the United Kingdom and are confident that we will be able to look after all of your drinking water requirements. Blue Mountain Water offers you an excellent choice of water cooler models, ranging from mains fed water coolers, bottled water coolers and desktop water dispensers, guaranteeing that the dispenser you require blends in to your working environment with ease and efficiency. Our friendly and professional service team will deliver your spring water direct to your water dispenser all part of our comprehensive service.

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